Remember Christmas? Well its back in approximately 8ish weeks.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with Christmas right around the corner? Me too! Feeling a bit broke from a long year of paying water and power bills? Me also!

I have some christmas D.I.Y ideas to share with you, which will be a bit nicer on your pocket than a pair of Peter Alexander pyjamas for all of your several nieces.

How about this coffee mug? I'm sure your Great Grandma would love one of these, they are simple but you can personalise them to suit whoever you are designing one for!

Alrighty..... What you'll need!

- 1 or however many dishwasher safe coffee mugs

- Oil-based sharpies

- 1 oven baking tray

So once you've completed the fun part you'll need to place the mug on an oven tray and pop into your over for 30 minutes at 170 degrees celsius. Now, now, now I know you're very excited but pretty please let it cool for 30 minutes to an hour

AND TA DA! Your very own personalised coffee mug.

Whats this you ask? Its a herb planter box and If you ask me I think your mother would love one!!

Well I thinks its pretty self explanatory but If you need some inspiration visit bunnings.

This next D.I.Y project would be a great present for that tween in the family... Tween as in too old for toys but too young for boys.

Click here for a website which shows you step by step how to make your very own terrarium.

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