Thinking of making your home an investment property?

WOW! This is a big step, but it can often be a big one in the right direction.

So here are some of my tips to get yourself ready for someone else to live in your home.

1. Fix all those fixer upers!

Tenants are less likely to be tolerative of that rip in the fly screen, crack in the tiles or mouldy grout in the shower. Often these fixer upers require less than 30 minutes of TLC to get it looking or working like new again. (A new blog will be up soon with the best mould remover ever for showers!!)


Lets put it into perspective, you are expecting your new tenants to take care of your home so how can you expect them to do so if your home has grubby carpets, mouldy curtins and fingerprints all over the walls. Depending on your budget there are certain ways you can go around this. D.I.Y is trending these days so there is plenty of DIY carpet cleaners, grout cleaner etc on the market. Or if lack of time is your issue, well.... lucky for you people specialise in preparing houses to be leased.

3. While the obvious focus is on the inside of your home, PLEASE don't forget the outdoors!

By making the outdoor environment as low maintenence as possible your are ensuring that your back and front yard have its best chance at looking presentable if your tenants aren't outdoorsy people. Whilst we are discussing this topic, it would be great time...WINK WINK to clean out your gutters.

4. New additions

If your looking at potentially adding value to your home, adding heating/cooling systems is a fantastic idea and if you really want to get on the band wagon why not add new carpet (Obviously depending on the state of your current carpet).


AND.... Thats my tips!

Have a fantastic day.

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